You will predict the drive who starts the race on pole position.

   You will make 5 predictions for the top 5 positions at the end of the race.

   You will predict a driver who will set off from the start line, but will not make the finish line.


A correct prediction will score you 3 points.

A correct podium will score you 1 point.

A correct DNF will score you 1 point.

A correct pole will score you 1 point.

   To get the podium point, you must predict a racer will finish on the podium. If you predict a driver finishes 4th, and he finishes 3rd, you will not get the point for that driver. This applies vice versa. If you predict a driver finishes 3rd, and he finishes 4th, you will not score a podium point.

If you predict a driver will finish first, and they do, you will only score 3 points for that driver.


    All entries must be in before qualifying. I will send out the results from each weekend on the Monday morning. If an entry comes between qualifying and the race, your score will be halved for that race.


   As well as the individual league, you will also be partnered up for the constructors. The cumulative points of each pair of racers will be taken and placed in a league against other teams.

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